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We assist with all aspects of equipment replacement and new installations. Anything from scope of work and equipment selection, to high quality installation. We provide service and repair in Greater Vancouver area and Fraser Valley.

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HVAC Installations

We install small and medium size HVAC systems for Residential and Commercial applications. We specialize in ductless mini split heat pumps/air conditioners.

Service & Repair

We service all brands of equipment and provide our clients with the ultimate service: peace of mind. No hidden fees, no predatory pricing; just good service at a great price.


HVAC Maintenance

Keep your systems under maintenance and running like new, why wait for a breakdown. We offer affordable maintenance packages.


Scope of Work

We create a custom scope of work based on your project’s evaluation. Whether it is a big or small project – it is always good to have an independent, custom scope of work.

Equipment Supply

We specialize in eco-friendly heat pumps and ductless/VRF energy efficient systems.

Time & Cost Saving

We take all the burden and uncertainty of stressful RetroFit projects off your list and schedule. No costly mistakes trying to get it right by yourself.

Get it right

Are you looking for carbon friendly energy equipment to heat and cool your home? AirCure HVAC Retrofit has great solutions for your home, business or office! Make the switch from gas to hydroelectric energy! BC electricity has a small carbon footprint and the best performance comes from heat pumps.

ductless heat pump installation

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