“While your bylaws may prohibit installation of air conditioners, the strata corporation is likely going to be faced with requests from owners with medical conditions requesting accommodation under the B.C. Human Rights Code for permission to install in-suite window units, window-mounted units or heat pumps with external venting”, says Tony Gioventu, executive director of the Condominium Home Owners Association in Times Colonist article.

He gives advice to corporations, saying: “Before a strata corporation is faced with the issue of compromising the health of residents and the potential challenges and conflicts of the bylaws, consider amending the bylaws to permit air conditioning systems. Set a standard for how the units are installed, the types of units that may be considered, and how alterations are managed for both the liability of the unit owners and the corporation.”

What should your strata consider when looking for the right cooling solution for an apartment building?

Ductless mini split in apartments

1. Type of alterations permitted. How they will affect the appearance of building.

2. How the components are installed. Are there going to be outside condensers?

3. Will alterations cause any hazard? Like in case of split systems with an outdoor box.

4. Costs associated with the alterations.

5. Difficulty of installation.

BC building designs did not anticipate the heat loading and cycles of cooling required to comfortably function for the future. Majority never took it under consideration at all. What’s worst, we see the same pattern even with a new construction. Before you decide on your home purchase, ask about air conditioning and ventilation of the building and individual units. These aspects should not be optional, they should be a standard.

Our recommendation for strata is ductless mini split heat pump. If you’re worried about not having enough space for an outdoor unit, speak to us – there are lots of ways that we can utilize even small areas to add a condenser, so having a full air conditioning system could still be a possibility. Contact AirCure for a quick estimate.

ducltess mini split for apartments
Ductless mini split is possible in apartments