At AirCure HVAC, we believe in transparency and honesty. Most companies will not tell you the truth about rebates. DON’T BELIEVE ALL THE ADS you see! Very few homeowners qualify for advertised rebates. And if they do, they have no assurance how much they will receive with the magic “up to” terms. To see any rebate, often you need to invest in more than just a heat pump installation. It is all in the fine print.

We do not lure you with a promise of rebates most customers will never see back. Instead, we offer affordable, hassle-free, Air Conditioner/Heat Pump installations.

You do not have to qualify or try to beat the bureaucracy to get any money back when choosing AirCure. At AirCure HVAC, we already offer LOW PRICES and QUALITY services.

Simply saying, our prices are comparable to after-rebate prices, and we save you all the hassle.

We will gladly send you links to all available rebates with their terms and conditions, so you can see what you must fulfill to qualify for some portion of the rebate.

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