25 years of experience working in the commercial and residential HVAC industry, in British Columbia – from small Retrofit Projects to complex equipment replacement.

hvac retrofit specialists


25 years of experience, from service van to the management of commercial HVAC projects for major industry players in BC.

hvac retrofit specialists

air conditioner installation

Commitment to Customer

We are old-fashioned. We appreciate your business and do everything to exceed your expectations.  All projects matter and receive the same attention, big or small.

air conditioner installation


We serve the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley area. In some cases, we are also able to provide our assistance to other parts of BC.

hvac retrofit specialists

air conditioner installation

Our Commitment

We’re taking steps to become an environmentally-sustainable business to help our customers reduce their environmental impact. We make sure that air conditioning units don’t get into the wrong hands and cause damage to the environment.

This is why we won’t install the air conditioning unit you have bought yourself.

We supply safe, approved and regulated air conditioning units to suit all budgets, so cooling your space doesn’t need to break the bank.

air conditioner installation in Vancouver


We guarantee that the workmanship and installation services will meet your standards. We stand behind the work we provide. You can count on us to do the job right.

All our installations are backed by labour warranty on any new installation performed by experts at AirCure HVAC Retrofit. Air conditioner installation in Vancouver, Langley, Surrey.


Why We Recommend a Heat Pump

Installing a heat pump provides air conditioning, lowers your heating costs and future-proofs your home for a fuel-free, cheaper future. That’s why we recommend new generation ductless heat pumps whenever possible to people in need of an A/C system.

Heat pumps’ advantages clearly indicate that they represent a smart investment in the long run. Given that you can save on your energy bills, gain cooling for your home and help our planet.

With the new heat and buildings strategy coming up, it is expected to further increase the installations of various heat pumps as a low carbon heating solution. Making it a very worthy investment.

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