A single-hose portable AC’s are a definite NO. They use conditioned air from the room that creates negative pressure that causes warm, unconditioned air from nearby rooms or the outdoors to flow into the room you’re trying to keep cool. It’s a struggle, to maintain a comfortable temperature when using a single-hose AC.

Thinking of buying a portable AC? There is a reason why you can find so many of them in the Greater Vancouver Buy & Sell groups.

Why people don’t like their portable air conditioners?

1. Portable Air Conditioners are inefficient. You pay more in electricity bills than with other type of cooling equipment.

2. Portable Air Conditioner are not that portable. They are a fairly heavy piece of equipment. This can be an especially significant disadvantage for the elderly. They can take a lot of room.

3. High noise levels. The portable air conditioner is usually in the room where you spend most time in or where you sleep, and all the noise is there as well. They can make you go mad after a few hours.

4. Dealing with water. When this moisture is pulled from the air, it must go somewhere. A portable air conditioner creates condensation indoors. Portable air conditioners sometimes have a drain pan inside the unit that you have to empty regularly. 

5. Musty smell in air conditioner. This odour often indicates the growth of mould or mildew. When an air conditioner retains water, mould spores find it to be an ideal breeding ground.

6. You’ll spend a lot of time fidgeting with the hose. They are not are “installation free” like they claim.

7. They are a security risk. This window kit means your window is not really closed or locked.

8. Let’s say it! Portable AC’s are not aesthetically appealing. A big box in the middle of your room with the big hoses that comes out the back can ruin any interior designer sleep.

9. Hard to reach ambient temperatures. When it is too hot outside, a portable air conditioner will struggle to cool a room quickly or be able to attain low temperatures.

10. They often require troubleshooting. From suddenly stopped working or AC compressor not turning on to a lack of air flow. You can go through many frustrations with these units and since you have installed it yourself your best option is ‘user manual’.  

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